The Power of b2gnow's section 3 Module suite

Say goodbye to manual processes, and seamlessly comply with all aspects of HUD Section 3 tracking and reporting, including: Section 3 business concerns, new hires, and qualitative efforts:

  • Section 3 Hiring: track and maintain hiring plans, manage job postings and application submittals, and receive real-time status updates on staff, applicants and vendors 

  • Section 3 Business Concern Contracting: easily track and monitor contract award and utilization, including: setting contracting goals and commitments, tracking real-time participation, and quickly generating required HUD reports  

  • Section 3 Business Certification & Registration: certify/register vendors to provide a searchable directory to the community and benefit from electronic application submittal, automated renewals, and custom certificate and letter configuration 

  • Qualitative Efforts: digitize the collection, tracking, verification, and reporting of other economic opportunities/qualitative efforts 



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